Digital drawings & acrylic paintings
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Prints from potato carvings – for sale
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Custom Pet Portraits

A portrait of your pet is a wonderful way to celebrate him/her and to decorate your home. It also makes a great and meaningful gift. The whole process is straightforward:

  1. Choose a Style: There are two basic styles available to suit your taste and budget: Acrylic paintings from AUD $150, or Digital drawing from AUD $65,
  2. Email me a favourite photo of your pet,
  3. Order your portrait (it will take a few days to draw digitally, or a few weeks to paint),
  4. Check your portrait (I’ll email you an image of the finished work).
  5. Payment and delivery.

Each step and all the options are detailed below. Of course if you have any questions your can just email me at

Paintings on Canvas or Board

cropped-IMG_6890.jpgI use acrylic paint on canvas with a finishing layer of protective water proof varnish. I will paint a close up of your pet’s face on a coloured background. You can let me know if you have a colour preference for the background to suit your home decor etc.It will take me 3 – 4 weeks to complete the painting because I like to varnish my paintings for added protection and ideally the paint has to “cure” for a couple of weeks before the varnish can be applied. Most other artists do not varnish their work because it takes extra time, money and effort but without varnish protection your paintings can be dulled over time and hard to clean if stained or damaged from years of dust and pollution build up.

Digital Drawings

IMG_9419This is the most affordable option. I will draw your pet using computer tools and you’ll receive a high resolution PDF or JPEG file that you can have printed by anyone you like, as big (or small) as you like as many times as you like, or have it as a screen saver or wallpaper on your phone or computer. It’s also really easy to send to someone as a digital gift… and there are no shipping costs! Digital drawings also take less time because there’s no paint to dry. Typically I can finish a digital drawing in a couple of days depending on how busy I am.

Taking Pet Photographs

Hooligan_insetEmail me some high resolution photos that best capture your pet’s personality. Extra photos from different angles are handy as they serve as a reference for your pet’s colouring and details. Remember that the final portrait is directly related to the quality and focus of the photos you send me. It’s best to take photos directly front on and avoid taking from above. If it’s a dog and you want him/her to “smile” in the photo with the tongue out, take him/her for a walk or play in the park before taking photos so that they will naturally pant/smile. Hold a tasty treat right above the camera lens and make a high pitched noise just as you click so that your dog will look directly at the camera.

Confirm You’re Happy with Your Portrait

Once I complete the portrait I will email you an image for approval and then payment is made before I ship it to you. You will receive the original painting but I may use the image to promote my work or reproduce prints.

Options and Pricing

Acrylic Painting, small square – 20.5 x 20.5 cm (8×8 inches) AUD $150 plus shipping

Acrylic Painting, medium square – 30.5 x 30.5 cm (12×12 inches) AUD $265 plus shipping

Acrylic Painting, large square – 35.5 x 35.5 cm (14 x 14 inches) AUD $350 plus shipping

Acrylic Painting, round – 30.5cm diameter (12 inch diameter) AUD $265 plus shipping

Digital Drawing (PDF and JPEG format) AUD $65

Packaging and shipping costs:

Australia: small $15, medium/large AUD$20

International: small $25, medium/large AUD$40

Getting Started

Contact me on to order a pet portrait and to discuss different size options.


IMG_4497PugBarooDSC_5576MimilabradoodleDSC_8250JoJoeGreenDSC_6902JoJo_roundcropped-IMG_6890.jpgDSC_0407IMG_5986 IMG_5811IMG_4615IMG_9783 IMG_1149

Potato Prints

“My Dogs and Their Internet Friends” is a collection of potato prints inspired by my obsession with dogs; in particular my two dogs Kyo and BooBoo and their internet friends. Yes, their internet friends because before Facebook there was Dogster (it was like Facebook but for dogs).

IMG_5775The Grumpy Frenchie potato

Do you remember doing potato printing as a kid? Well this is the same thing but with grown up knife skills. Every dog face is hand carved from one or more potatoes, hand painted and hand stamped onto canvas or paper to create a unique print. Each carved potato can only create a few pieces of work before it disintegrates so that means very small “print runs”. No two prints are the same; Each piece is an original!

  BeatrixPotatoThe first dog I ever carved was a friend’s Boston Terrier

GSD_PotatoThe German Shepherd potato

 Check out the Gallery of my work

DSC_5237My dogs BooBoo and Kyo