Original artworks by Michelle Phong

“My Dogs and Their Internet Friends” is a collection of potato prints inspired by my obsession with dogs; in particular my two dogs Kyo and BooBoo and their internet friends. Yes, their internet friends because before Facebook there was Dogster (it was like Facebook but for dogs).

IMG_5775The Grumpy Frenchie potato

Do you remember doing potato printing as a kid? Well this is the same thing but with grown up knife skills. Every dog face is hand carved from one or more potatoes, hand painted and hand stamped onto canvas or paper to create a unique print. Each carved potato can only create a few pieces of work before it disintegrates so that means very small “print runs”. No two prints are the same; Each piece is an original!

  BeatrixPotatoThe first dog I ever carved was a friend’s Boston Terrier

GSD_PotatoThe German Shepherd potato

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DSC_5237My dogs BooBoo and Kyo